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Queensland University of Technology offers Coral Reef Vulnerability Mapping international awards in Australia, 2021

  Coral Reef Vulnerability Mapping international awards are open to apply at Queensland University of Technology. The scholarships are for all international¬† students who want...

Tallinn University of Technology offers Fully-Funded PhD Position in Estonia, 2021

  Fully-Funded PhD scholarships are now open to apply at Tallinn University of Technology for the academic year 2020-2021.The scholarships are fully Fully-Funded PhD Position...

University of Regina announces Circle of Scholars Entrance scholarship for undergraduate Students in Canada

General information: UR Circle of Scholars Entrance Scholarship is an excellent opportunity for all students around the world to transform their future and achieve success The...

University of Chicago is offering an excellent opportunity for undergraduate students by announcing International Financial Aid Program,2020

General information: Financial Aid program at the University of Chicago is best opportunity for students looking to fulfill their dream to study in United States These...

American University announces grants for master and doctoral degree students in USA, 2021

General information: Student who are willing to study at USA can avail the opportunity, As American University announces Merit Awards for All international students Graduate students...