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Our motive is to provide “a platform where desired students can easily find their desired scholarships”.

Unfortunately, there are many deserving students, who wish to continue their higher studies but can’t do it just because of lack of finance, have not updated scholarship opportunities information, guidance and scholarships apply tips.

Find-scholarship continuously gathering top notch colleges and universities scholarships around the globe and spread them with their subscribers/followers on daily basis. We recommend you to refer find-scholarship.com for updated available scholarships and online programs.

Find-scholarship.com is a platform designed and developed in view of sharing scholarships updates. The student’s may have awareness on the available opportunities and their related areas including basic requirements. This website provides a platform to all level of students seeking opportunities in top notch universities. You may easily search scholarship according to your study subject and specialization area as well.

We are just gathering information and sharing with desired students, we do not have any affiliation with any universities or educational institution. The purpose of the platform is to just share information for knowledge and information purpose only; use at your own discretion.

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